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    The beach is located 60m from the house. The sea is exceptionally clean and is especially aided by the natural current flows (8km/hour on the average) and with the absence of industrial pollutants in the close or further proximity.

    Entry into the sea is very accessible, with the sea gradually growing in depth starting from around 20cm upon entry to around 2m once 20 meters out from the beach itself. The seabed is sandy and rocky, and suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. The beach is includes a mol for those who like to jump into the sea. Along the length of the beach, around 150m is an area for sunbathing 4m wide, of which part of it is tiled with rock, and the rest concreted. Showering after swimming in the sea is ensured in the yard of the house, as well as the area for sunbathing.