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    The food offers in the Zadar region contain the best of the Dalmatian cuisine which is very healthy and simple to prepare (meals are most often cooked and without much spices). The cuisine is primarily based on meals containing fish, shells and molusc. The entrée is frequently served as cooked vegetables “on leso”, and everything is topped with olive oil. Spices include rosemary, laurel, caper, fennel, sage, sweet basil… Vegetables grown on the islands and in the interior areas are certainly classified as health foods, which due to the favourable climate can be grown a number of times during the year, and are available in the summer and winter fresh on the market places. Wild asparagus is grown on the islands and in the interior areas, and are gathered in spring and are stored cooked or fried with eggs.

    A real treat are lamb dishes, easy to digest and healthy meat, especially lamb from the island of Pag. Lamb is most cooked “on broach”, “under a bell” or “on leso” and the best side dish with lamb is stone leek (in spring). Entrees include the renowned Pag sheep milk cheese and Dalmatian smoked ham.
    Wines include “Benovački Rose” white wines from the island of Pag “Paška žutica” and “Gegić”.
    Maraschino, a liqueur produced for centuries in Zadar from native Maraska cherries, and which are were sought on royal courts, serve as a dessert liqueur and in recent times as a topping on ice cream and fruit salad. A rich offer of fish, fresh vegetables and fruit from this region is best available at the Zadar market place and fish market, which has become in time a popular place. 

    The stated other meals, upon request by guests, can be ordered in attractive restaurants, tavern and other tourist locations, from Zadar to Biograd and further. The closest restaurant is only 150m away.

    For those guests having the will and desire to try their culinary abilities, available are modern equipped kitchens with all the technical resources which a modern kitchen can offer. The universal grill is built along the outside wall of the building with a stone table in the open (with a capacity of eight to ten people) and which makes stays even more attractive, since guests have at their disposal technical conditions for preparing meals (meat and fish) on gradele, broach and under bell, which are often used in the summer periods.

    Food products for preparation of meals in your own setting, various beverages and household needs, can be bought in the shopping centres, markets and mini markets from Zadar to Biograd. The closest mini market is only 200m from the destination (house).