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    Depending of the desires and habits of individuals, everyone can find in the closer or farther vicinity something of interest. Some of the varies deals include:


    If you like to sail the sea, the indented coast, numerous islands, small islands and coves in close proximity to the destination will fulfil your desires. A smaller or larger dinghy is required. Guests without their own dinghy can hire one from agencies involved in such activities for 50 to 100 € per day, which depends on a series of factors such as the size of the dinghy, the duration of hire, whether you handle the dinghy on your own (a licence is mandatory) or hiring the dinghy with a person qualified for handling the dinghy.

    Windsailing is especially popular considering the (mostly) favourable winds and adhering by certain regulations, with windsailing taking place normally close to the nearest beach.

    Fishing Sport

    Upon payment of a fee, fishing is possible in many locations, with the prices being:

    • 60 HRK for a 1 day permit
    • 150 HRK for 3 day permit
    • 250 HRK for 7 day permit
    • 500 HRK for 30 day permit

    Fishing permits are issued in fishing sport societies at particular location or in tourist offices.


    For those attracted to this particularly activity, we recommend consultations in diving centres (www.gorgonija.com) who will direct you to diving location close to the destination and rich in marine attractions.

    Free climbing

    Free climbing is possible on locations 60km from the destination.

    The Paklenica National Park is the largest alpine climbing centre and has gained international popularity at a time when free climbing has become popular in Europe. In the Velika Paklenica area, there are twenty or so peaks suitable for climbing. There are currently 72 short sporting distances, and over 250 longer distances (up to 300m), while here adventure lovers and “big wall” seekers can satisfy their demands. Besides Croatian climbers, Paklenica NP is also visited by climbers from around the world.

    The main season for free climbing is spring and autumn, but climbing is possible throughout the entire year. In recent times, climbers have been coming with their families during summer when it is possible to combine swimming in the sea and free-climbing on the same day.


    Rafting takes place approximately 70km from the destination.

    The Zrmanja river with its tributary Krupa is amongst the nicest or our rivers. The green colour of the river combined with the steep cliffs of the canyon, the exiting rapids and “Large Sound”, a 13m waterfall (unsurpassable), take one’s breath away. The season on the Zrmanji River due to its proximity to the sea begins in March. Here, the Zrmanja becomes a proper rafting river, which can compete with the best rivers anywhere in the world. Most attractive is surely at the end of April and the whole of May when the walls of the canyon transform into flower gardens, when there is sufficient water, and the weather is generally nice and warm. As summer approaches, rafting slowly cedes its place to fantastic excursions in the nature along with unforgettable bathing in the “Velika Buka” from where we can enter and enjoy the views, which Winnetou experienced in the renowned film.