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    St. Peter

    A small destination in the County of Zadar in the central region of the Adriatic Coast (Biograd Riviera) next to the Adriatic road, with beautiful views of the Pašman Island and the Pašman Canal. A suitable location for annual family vacations in exceptional peace and tranquility. The location is located 20km east of Zadar, and 8km west of Biograd.


    By Car and Bus

    The newly opened motorway from:

    • The Hungarian border (Goričan) through Zagreb to Zadar,
    • From the Slovenian border (Macelj and Bregana) through Zagreb to Zadar,
    • From Trieste through Slovenia, border crossing “Rupe”, through Rijeka-Bosiljevo to Zadar

      Distance from destination to larger European cities:
    Distance / km Vienna Berlin Graz Milan Munich Paris Trieste Zagreb Budapest Prag Warsaw
    Zadar 705 1400 520 700 800 1700 350 270 635 1020 1440

    By Train

    Zadar - Knin - Zagreb and towards other parts of Europe.

    By Boat

    International ferry link: Zadar – Ancona
    International fast boat link: Zadar – Ancona (stop over in Božava)
    Ferry link along the entire coast: Zadar – Pula (stop over a Silba and Mali Lošinj)

    By Plain

    Zadar international airport, 18km from destination